Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Dash

Sexual Dysfunction : Main Causes

Sexual dysfunction : Two main causes for sexual dysfunction are – Due to organic problems ( there are many reasons for organic problems like Diabetes mellitus ,. traumatic injury in spinal cord , operation in uro- genital area , neurological diseases , etc). Another important factor is psychogenic cause . This is also very important . Due to psychogenic cause patient may have problems like erectile dysfunction (E D ) , premature ejaculation (PME) in case of male . In female there could be painful sexual intercourse , lack of orgasm etc . Both male and female can have lack of libido (decreased sexual interest ) or hyper sexual interest . There are also many other problems related to psychogenic cause . In practice these problems due to psychogenic cause is quite common and it is treatable . For these problems patient should immediately consult Neuropsychiatrist and they can maintain their healthy sexual life .