Dr. Siddhartha Sankar Dash

Maslow ‘s self actualization theory ( Theory of Motivation)

Maslow ‘s self actualization theory ( Theory of Motivation)
Abraham Maslow thought that every person has higher level growth needs – such as need for self actualization and understanding of ourselves . These higher needs only assume a dominant role in our lives after our primitive needs are satisfied . These primary needs are ( from bottom to the top )
Physiological needs
Safety needs
Needs for love and belongingness
Self esteem needs
Self actualization
So a person continues his or her life from fulfilling his/her physiological needs first and then ultimately achieving safety needs, needs for love and belongingness and then satisfying self esteem and finally achieving self actualization .
Self actualization is basically a state or condition where a person can develop his/her full potential or in other words to do what he/she is capable of doing .

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